Welcome to JMJA!

Some things have changed in our operations, however our main focus, mission and purpose remains the same.
Youth these days need all of the tools they can get to become successful, viable young adults and thats what our focus and mission has been for over 5 years. Helping youth succeed.

Disadvantaged and at-risk youth have other complicating circumstances making it increasingly more difficult to be successful. These are the youth we focus on the most, giving them the tools and guidence to change their lives.

While change is inevitable our mission and focus will never change. Helping youth of ALL backgrounds and circumstance succeed!

Changing the lives and futures of disadvantaged and at risk youth is what JMJA is all about.

We thank you for your interest 
and look forward to assisting you!

Expanding Horizons, Enlightening Minds
Bringing focus back to futures
Idea's bloom everyday,
inspire them!